Musical Facts

You brain is an incredibly complex organ. Even today there is so much we don’t know about it.

One of the many fascinating things about the brain is how it responds to music. He is a list about somethings you may not know about your brain and music.

When someone feel “chills” while listening to music it is related to the brain releasing of dopamine in anticipation of the high moments of the song. Pretty cool right? Dopamine is known as the “feel good” chemical. It is involved in addictions and motivation. Music can cause the release of this feel good chemical.

The brain only uses small parts of itself for most activities. Listening to music however can use most of it. A study found that listening to music will activate the auditory areas, and uses large-scale neural networks in the brain. In fact, it is believed that music can activate motor, emotional, and creative areas of the brain.

Playing music regularly can alter your brain structure for the better.  Professional musicians have some of the highest cortex volume of any professions. Even amateur musicians did very well in that study. (Some music is better than none.)

Scientist say that listening to pleasant music creates a similar reaction in the brain as eating good food. Strange but true. Pass the pasta anyone?

Adding music to your workouts can improve your performance or at the least the overall experience.

Your favorite song probably has an emotional reason behind it. If the song is a favorite of your for a long time there is probably a positive emotional experience related to it in some way.

Your heartbeat can change to mimic the music you are listening to.  Blood pressure and respiration can  also be affected.

Happy music can make you see the world and events in a more positive way. Conversely, sad music can also change your perception of events and the even the world around you. Makes me wonder if I need to change my musical choices. Also make me wonder about musicians like blues singers who killed themselves.

Hope these facts were entertaining. Have a great day and listen to some positive music today.


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