Music History

Music History

Music has been around for as long as humans have. (Some would say even longer than that – but I digress.) Every culture has its own music and regardless of how complicated or simple it is, music is a part of life.

People have used pipes and drums and different string type instruments as well as the human voice itself. Music is used to celebrate events or just to liven up a party. Pretty much everyone enjoys some sort of music.

Musical tastes vary but the love of music is almost universal. What kind of music do you enjoy? Musical tastes can also change as one grows older. Things you did not like can turn into things you do, as well as the opposite. Things one did not appreciate when younger can turn into a source of joy and appreciation as one grows older. Music, like life itself, is affected by one’s experiences.

There are so many different types of music now. The list is very big and continues to grow as people add to it or reinterpret it. Some common classifications are alternative, rock, hard rock, disco, gospel, instrumental, heavy metal, country, acapella, and easy listening, just to name a few.

Music can be played by young and old, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, people who were trained and those who are self-taught. Music has few limits in its style or in those that may make it. You can compose music to be played by one individual or to be played by a whole orchestra.

Music is so versatile it is amazing to behold. This concludes my simple ramblings about music history. I hope it makes you appreciate what a wonderful gift music is and how it brightens so many lives.

Music will live on forever and I for one am glad it shall.

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