Music as a high performance tool

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There are a number of things that can drive high performance and influence you in ways in you cant imagine.
listening to a song can make your day better or worse and you may not even know why these things are happening to you. This because music has the power to affect your mood and emotions.

“scientists have found that listening to particularly happy or sad music changes the way we perceive the world. According to researchers from the Netherlands, listening to a song like Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day (link is external) can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Music and mood are inherently linked”  From Psychology today

Our Schemas:

Our perceptions about a song come from our schemas, schemas are pre-conceived notions we have about the world. We learn to associate overcoming a task or being a badass with the 007 jingle that plays when he manages to get out of a bad situation.

The movie industry as a huge influence in our lives and how we perceive the world, more than you would like to admit, another reason why media should not be in the hands of the few.

Music and AI in advertising:

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In the days to come with AI, we might see ads highly targeted towards you playing songs and images that resonate with you and create a desired emotion + response while associating it with the advertisers brand. This is a topic for another post.

High performing individuals and music:

As a high performing individual, you can use music to influence your mood. This will allow you to tune in into the mood you feel like when you need. You might be going to the gym later today where you will listen to hip-hop, rock, rap something more motivational that pumps you up but once you get home you have to relax and recover.

What you can do when you get home is listening to slower music like reggae, Bossanova jazz, lounge. Failing to tune down might result in insomnia or even anxiety over time, therefore, you are listening to a song that pumps you up even when your body demands rest.

Use the power of music wisely to achieve your result but ultimately listen to your heart and let it tell you what you feel. The next step is to know what you should ideally fell in each situation of your life.

In the next post, we will talk about a future world and the use of music and after that about how you can use music to become a high performing individual.