Music and emotions

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Music and emotions

Many people underestimate the power that music has. When watching a movie or a video in general you might think that what influences you more at that moment are the images right in front of you but the sounds play a bigger role than what you may think.

This because there is a lot of information that we take in into our unconscious mind which influences the way we think and our emotions. You may not even understand why you are in an irritable mood but it is most likely due to taking in information unconsciously which has affected your emotions.

The unconscious mind actually responds to a bigger part of our mind, similar to how the deep web responds to a much larger part of the internet.

This brings us to the tip of the iceberg theory of Freud. The id, ego, and superego. Here the id is regarded as entirely unconscious whilst the ego and superego have conscious, preconscious, and unconscious aspect.

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Try to watch a horror movie with no sound and I am sure you will want your money back. This goes to show how important a role music plays when shaping our emotions.
Another example is the use of music for activities like going to the gym in order to inspire motivation and drive when performing high-intensity exercises.

Recently with the growing influence of Hollywood films that condition us to associate certain sound to certain emotions through what is happening to the images, We get a series a series of short sounds and jingles that inspire certain emotions in the audience.

Like the James Bond and Mission impossible jingles that cannot pass unnoticed from the public and spark excitement for what is going to happen next in the movie, therefore they always coincide with climactic moments in the movies.





So be careful with what sounds you allow to be played and stay on your mind they might influence you in ways you cant imagine.