Music and AI aided advertisement (theory about the future)

lighbulb AI robot
image from pixabay

I am sure you have noticed that the power of AI is growing substantially with many jobs being created in the area for programming these systems.

If you are interested today you can already find a course for self-driving cars, machine learning and even flying cars. Truly we live in a very interesting world. Udacity

Surely the years to come are sure to be quite unpredictable with huge discoveries and technologies like quantum computers being brought into the market.

What does this mean for advertising in the future though…

I am aware that I might be giving bad ideas for how people can earn with coming AI technologies but I am pretty sure I will not be the only person who will think of this.

AI and music in adverts:

AI robot
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AI has the power to search for a tone of information in a matter of seconds, this will allow these computers to find what type of music inspires the desired emotion in a particular set group for example.

You have a self-defense course and you are running boot camp video ads in the future. What happens is that an efficient advertisement service AI can gather not only what is the best public to present those videos like it is done today but also suggest creatives and input music that resonates with that public in an emotional level in a segmented way.

The same video could then play with different music allowing advertisers to play the James bond jingle for James Bond fans and play a mission impossible jingle for mission impossible fans.

AI can learn what types of movies you like and watch, from that it can proceed to learn how you think and perceive the world, even predict your behavior in a given situation.

These are technologies that are very likely to come to fruition in the near future.

So be alert to what kind of information you are sharing, your data privacy is more important than you might think.