humans in love

Music, humans, birds, romance and what they have in common

June 1, 2018 Nicole Marshall 0

A recent study has determined that a bird listening to a birdsong may experience the same emotions as a human. Full article by Frontiers of Evolutionary Neuroscience Female birds in the breeding state that are listening to male birdsong, and in people listening to music that they like for male birds tough listening to another male’s song, it was a different Read More

music and brain

7 ways music help you become a high performing individual

May 31, 2018 Nicole Marshall 0

If you have been reading our posts by now you know the underestimated power that music has in our mind it wont come as a surprise that music is sometimes banned (along with steroids and stimulant drugs) to prevent athletes from gaining an unfair advantage during competitions. Music has the power to shape our emotions, influence behavior and the power of suggestion Read More

lighbulb AI robot

Music and AI aided advertisement (theory about the future)

May 30, 2018 Nicole Marshall 0

I am sure you have noticed that the power of AI is growing substantially with many jobs being created in the area for programming these systems. If you are interested today you can already find a course for self-driving cars, machine learning and even flying cars. Truly we live in a very interesting world. Udacity Surely the years to come are Read More

high perfomance music

Music as a high performance tool

May 29, 2018 Nicole Marshall 0

There are a number of things that can drive high performance and influence you in ways in you cant imagine. listening to a song can make your day better or worse and you may not even know why these things are happening to you. This because music has the power to affect your mood and emotions. “scientists have found that listening Read More

emotions under the surface

Music and emotions

May 26, 2018 Nicole Marshall 0

Music and emotions Many people underestimate the power that music has. When watching a movie or a video in general you might think that what influences you more at that moment are the images right in front of you but the sounds play a bigger role than what you may think. This because there is a lot of information that Read More

music instrument

My first and last music instrument

April 15, 2018 Nicole Marshall 0

When I was in 4th grade we received a visit from the orchestra teacher. She explained that we would be given the opportunity to study any one of the 4 main instruments used in the elementary school orchestra. I was fascinated. A chance to learn how to play music on an instrument for free! “Sign me up,” I thought to Read More

Music Therapy

Music Therapy

June 20, 2017 Nicole Marshall 0

The power of music is an untapped resource in the area of healing and wellness. Using music for therapy is an idea going bad thousands of years until the time of Plato at least. In modern times it picked up interest when musicians played for war veterans to help with physical and emotional stresses. Since many people reported it having Read More

music facts

Musical Facts

June 3, 2017 Nicole Marshall 0

Your brain is an incredibly complex organ. Even today there is so much we don’t know about it. One of the many fascinating things about the brain is how it responds to music. He is a list of somethings you may not know about your brain and music. When someone feels “chills” while listening to music it is related to Read More

Famous Musicians

Famous Musicians

May 18, 2017 Nicole Marshall 0

The history of music has produced countless musical geniuses. These are people who changed the face of music forever. Let us take a look at some of them. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy and a prolific composer. He started composing at the age of 5 and produced over 600 pieces of music even though he died at the Read More

Music History

Music History

April 27, 2017 Nicole Marshall 0

Music has been around for as long as humans have. (Some would say even longer than that – but I digress.) Every culture has its own music and regardless of how complicated or simple it is, music is a part of life. People have used pipes and drums and different string type instruments as well as the human voice itself. Read More