About The blog:

about music from a series of different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world.

The first phase of this project:

We will go after a number of benefits that music can bring to your everyday life. We will show you how you can actively use it in order to enhance your daily productivity. To better your drive, your motivation, your relationships.

What we will talk about will also determine how you take in information as a whole, especially music but not limited to it. We talk about how music can impact you on an emotional level.

How playing music can change your brain on a physical level and how playing music to someone can change how you a perceived by them on a romantic level.

We don’t just state the facts we go beyond, we explain why this happens and provide evidence to back up. This information comes from studies done by accredited people with PhDs. like Frontiers of Evolutionary Neuroscience

The second phase of this project:

The second phase is to have you get to know music from a range of different countries and show what their similarities and differences. You might get surprised at what you will find

The third phase of this project:

We wish to create more than a blog, we wish to create a community. Our objective is to have you interacting with the blog via comments and contacting us on the regular basis.

Only through your feedback can we know that we work we are doing here is being useful or entertaining to you.
So don’t be shy, contact us.

Another thing…

Soon we will open the possibility of writing for our blog so that you can share your own stories and types of music you listen to. The guidelines regarding what and how it can be submitted for publishing will be on the contact us page.